Dehu Camp 2016

IYS Retreat is first time arranging a Mega Camp in ISKCON Nigadi and Dehu.


ISKCON Nigadi also known as Sri Govind Dham, situated near to Akurdi Station.
Gorgeous deities of Sri Sri Radha Govinda and temple ambience will charm heart.
Dehu is holy place of Great Saint Tukaram Maharaj. He was pioneered in establishing Bhakti process  in town and villages.
Srila Prabhupada glorified great saint into introduction to Srimad Bhagvatam 1st canto. Dehu is surrounded by holy river Indrayani.

30th Sept Friday 2016 till 2nd Oct Sunday 2016

Mega Camp:

This camp will be catering to all levels. Even a new comer and 16 rounder are eligible for this camp.
As per the levels, group will be decided –
1. Sri Madan Mohan Group – New comer to 4 rounder
2. Sri Govind Group – 5 to 11 rounder
3. Sri Gopinath Group – 12 to 16 rounder
Lectures and interactive exercises will be according to levels / groups.

Camp charges:

For working participant 900/-

For student participant 400/- (remaining balance 500 will be sponsored by IYS)

This excludes train travel.

Charges to be paid before 25th Sept morning to individual preachers.


General Schedule:

Reach ISKCON Nigadi on 30 Sept Friday, 11:00 am

After spending time till evening, travel to Dehu accommodation.

1st and 2nd Oct will be spent in Dehu.

Travel options:

From Mumbai to ISKCON Nigadi
Intercity (12127) CSTM 6:40am to LNL(Lonavala) 8:48am
Local train LNL 10:10am to Akurdi Station 10:54am
Walking 15 mins distance from station to ISKCON Nigadi temple

Return travel from Dehu to Mumbai
Local train Dehu Road station 5:50pm to LNL 6:40pm
Indrayani Express (22106) LNL 7:25pm to Dadar 9:33pm

Exciting Quiz Contest:

A contest based on books of Srila Prabhupada
Following is assigned book as per group -

Sri Madan Mohan Group - Krishna Book chapters 6,7,11,12,15. To read online, follow the link Krishna Book

Sri Govind Group - Bhagavad Gita chapters 1,2,10

Sri Gopinath Group - Bhagavad Gita chapters 7,8,9
Let us prepare for exciting challenge!

For more details get in touch with your IYS Counsellor, Preacher