IYS Yatra 2014 Photos & Audio

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IYS Yatra 2014 Photos & Audio For those of you who participated in IYS Vrindavan Yatra 2014, the photos of the yatra have been uploaded at the yatra webpage. You can now have a look at the slideshows of the various days of the yatra. Also available are the yatra lectures’ & kirtans’ mp3 files

One of our IYSites, a passout from KEM viz. Mr.Rajendra Bharud has completed his IAS & posted as Asst. Collector in Nanded. For most part of His MBBS in KEM & IAS training, he was regularly attending HG Nanda Dulal P’s programs & chanting. While in Mumbai, we fecilitated him during Prerana youth festival on

====================================================================== Apart from Gaudiya Vaishnava Scriptures, other 24 Vedic Scriptures (known to any student of Vedic Indian Heritage) are quoted here to establish the Absolute Truth of the documented history of the Supreme Lord Sri Chaitanya’s pre-predicted. Conclusive evidence of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s predicted appearance in the Vedas – Scriptures quoted: Bhagavat Puran | Adi

ISKCON is like a Hospital

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Where is God?

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Question to Radhanath Swami : We read in Gita: Krishna says that when there is a decline in religion and an up-rise in irreligion, he descends. Look at the world today; so much of irreligion, so many problems. There is tsunami of irreligion and problems crashing against practically every living entity in the whole planet-

TOI, BHOPAL: Patients turn to them for healing but these medical students at the Gandhi Medical College (GMC) have found a blam in Bhagwat Gita. In a novel experiment, a group of students at the GMC have turned to Gita for peace to mind and soul and overcome stress. They attend Gita classes every Thursday organized by